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Car Seat covers

Car Seat covers

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Anti-Slip PU Leather Car Seat Covers Suitable for most 5-Seats cars.However, it requires that the joint between the headrest and the chair can be moved, headrest and backrest are joint cushions that cannot be used .

This product can protect the car seats, and keep the original car and the car seat is always the same;

Package:Front backrest*2, Rear row sitting *2,Rear armrest,Rear backrest*2.

Material: PU leather,Breathable nonwoven,Wear-resistant backing,Rebound sponge; It is comfortable and smooth , can be antibacterial, soft texture, anti-static, no discomfort.

Easy Fit - Suitable for most vehicles with five seats.Easy and fast installation with robust accessories,Triple disassembly and retraction, can be scaled according to the size of the car, effectively improve the fit of the seat cushion and is not easy to slide. No professional experience required.

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