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Rim Protection Strips

Rim Protection Strips

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EASY TO INSTALL: Just bring a pair of scissors, tear off the adhesive side, stick it along the wheel, and cut off the excess.

ENOUGH LENGTH: Our rim trim wheel protection strips is 26.2ft/8m long, it can be used for up to four 18-22 inch wheels, and there is a surplus.

U-SHAPED DESIGN FIT: Compared to traditional flat-fitting products, the U-shaped wrap layer Greater contact surface, is used to provide a better fit to the wheel.
MATERIAL: Made of high-quality rubber, it is flexible and can be easily installed in hard-to-reach corners and places.

PROTECTIVE & GOOD STICK: Rim trim wheel protection strip use of high-grade rubber materials, cold and heat endure, long service life. The soft rubber material of the decorative trim ring has a certain protective effect on the wheel and can reduce scratch damage. The glue used is mixed back glue, which has stronger adhesion.

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